The 50-State Guide

Nonprofit Fundraising Registration

Your nonprofit needs financial support, which means that you’re most likely dependent on the kindness of donors to fill your coffers. If your nonprofit plans to solicit funds from out-of-state donors by phone, letter, email, on the web, or in any other manner, it’s essential to fill out IRS Form 990 so that your organization stays legal.

Nonprofit Fundraising Registration is your 50-state guide to the complex and varied registration requirements you’ll need to meet while fundraising for your nonprofit. Learn how to keep your 501(c)(3) status when you’re collecting cash, including:

  • exemptions from registration
  • how to register in different states
  • initial and annual filing requirements
  • rules for professional fundraisers
  • other crucial information your organization needs to legally fundraise outside of your home state

You can’t afford to overlook registration requirements — use Nonprofit Fundraising Registration, your plain-English guide, to keep your nonprofit status in the eyes of the IRS. Plus, get the background information you need and get a line-by-line tutorial for the Unified Registration Statement, contact information for each state, and instructions on filing requirements for each state.

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ISBN: 9781413317725
Number of Pages: 368

Included Forms

The book includes the Unified Registration Statement (URS), a registration application form accepted in 36 states. It also includes the state-specific supplemental forms that must be filed with the URS in thirteen states.

  • The Unified Registration Statement (URS)
  • Arkansas: Consent for Service, Charitable Organizations
  • District of Columbia: Basic Business License Information: Charitable Solicitation
  • Georgia: Georgia Charitable Solicitations Act, Charitable Organization Registration
  • Kansas: Charitable Solicitation Financial Statement
  • Maine: Charitable Solicitations Application
  • Minnesota: Supplement to Unified Registration Statement for Charitable Organization Initial Registration and Annual Reporting
  • Mississippi: Charitable Organization Registration
  • North Dakota: Charitable Organization Registration Statement
  • Tennessee: Summary of Financial Activities of a Charitable Organization
  • Utah: Supplement to Unified Registration Statement
  • Washington: Washington State Unified Registration Statement Addendum
  • West Virginia: Unified Registration Statement Supplement
  • Wisconsin: Affidavit in Lieu of Annual Financial Reporting
  • Wisconsin: Affidavit of Organization Which Solicited Contributions Solely in One Community and Received Less Than $50,000 in Contributions
  • Wisconsin: Wisconsin Supplement to Financial Report on Form Other Than Form #308