Protect your rights, and your hard work!


The laws covering website and software development are complex and confusing, but if you don’t untangle them, it could cost you thousands of dollars in attorneys’ fees and lawsuits.

Fortunately, Legal Guide to Web & Software Development decodes this complex area of the law, thoroughly and in reader-friendly English. It also provides contracts, agreements and legal forms with step-by-step instructions for filling them out, so you can protect your software and website without paying a lawyer’s ransom.

Use Legal Guide to Web & Software Development to learn:

  • what kind of legal protection you need
  • the strengths and limitations of each type of protection
  • how to avoid infringement
  • which provisions you need when drafting an agreement
  • how to obtain permission to use other people’s materials

You’ll find complete, step-by-step instructions to draft:

  • employment agreements
  • contractor and consultant agreements
  • development agreements
  • license agreements

The 5th edition of Legal Guide to Web & Software Development is completely updated to provide the latest case law and statutory revisions.

“An amazing book! A must for anyone in the software business…Answers nearly every legal question you can imagine and some you would have never thought of. Highest recommendation!”
John Dvorak, PC Magazine

“This book passes my own personal test for legal guides—that it be easily readable by people who detest lawyers—and passes it with higher marks than any other legal guide I’ve come across.”
Jeff Duntemann, Editor, PC Techniques Magazine

“Here is a timely education into the basic legal issues that should be understood by every programmer, designer, and manager. At last, in one book, you can read all about …intellectual property, employment, and contracts.”
EDS Research


ISBN: 9781413305326
Number of Pages: 544

Included Forms

Forms for Hiring and Firing Employees and Independent Contractors

  • Employment Agreement – Nontechnical Employees
  • Employment Agreement – Technical Employees
  • Independent Contractor Agreement (Favoring Hiring Firm)
  • Independent Contractor Agreement (Favoring Contractor)

Agreements for a Specific Project

  • Custom Software Development Agreement
  • Web Development Agreement

Forms for Protecting Trade Secrets

  • Basic Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Nondisclosure Agreement for Licensee
  • Nondisclosure Agreement for Beta Tester
  • Nondisclosure Agreement for Visitor
  • Nondisclosure Agreement for Interview
  • Acknowledgment of Obligations (of departing employee not to disclose trade secrets)
  • Letter to New Employer (informing new employer of ex-employee’s obligation not to disclose trade secrets)

Forms for Selling or Granting Permission to Use Creative Works

  • Copyright Assignment
  • Multimedia License Agreement for Software
  • Shrink-Wrap End User License Agreement (Software)
  • Click-Wrap End User License Agreement
  • License Agreement
  • License Agreement for Web Content
  • Linking Agreement
  • Multimedia Publicity/Privacy Release (for using someone’s name, photo, voice or performance in your creative work or promotional materials)

The following forms are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format (asterisks indicate forms with fill-in fields)

Copyright Registration Forms

  • Copyright Office Document Cover
  • Form TX* (for all types of writing and programming code)
  • Short Form TX*
  • Form PA* (for audiovisual works)
  • Short Form PA*
  • Form VA* (for primarily pictoral or graphic works)
  • Short Form VA*
  • Form ___ /CON* (continuation sheet for all forms)
  • Form CA* (supplemental registration – for corrections)